Fire Safety

Fire Safety Risk Evaluation must consider a wide range of issues. Martech DS's unique approach simplifies these key issues such that the solution can be easily translated to all relevant stakeholders, from the client to the end user. This results in clear design solutions from the design team, so that fire safety is easily understood.

Specific Services Offered in Order to Detail The Total Fire Safety Strategy Include:

  • Performance Based Fire Safety Engineering
  • Concept Design and Feasibility Reviews
  • Fire Safety Audits and Risk Assessment
  • Human Behaviour Modelling including Egress Provisions, Egress Times and Travel Distances

  • Building Regulation Review
  • Development of Upgrade Strategies to Meet Building Regulations
  • Asset Protection and Mitigation from Fire Ignition
  • Fire Safety Management Plans, including Evacuation Strategies
  • Martech DS has considerable experience in the development of performance based engineered solutions for an extensive range of property sectors, including:

  • Hotels and Publican Facilities
  • Heritage Buildings and Structures
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Industrial and Infrastructure Complexes
  • Office Developments and Refurbishments

  • Public Assembly Buildings including PoPE
  • Residential Complexes
  • Retail Centres
  • Tourist and Leisure Resorts and Facilities
  • Warehouses including High Bay Storage and Cold Store Facilities
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