Planning Applications

Martech Design Solutions will answer all the key questions you may have.

  • What are the best layouts to suit your ideas and space requirements?
  • Will planning permission be required and are their any specific local constraints, conservation areas etc?
  • What will the exterior of the building look like?
  • How do we decide on the required quality level and how do we ensure the contractor builds to it?

  • How do we find a builder, obtain competitive quotations and decide on the right one?
  • What is the likely timescale of the building works, how would the phases break down and how might the cost of the project be spread?
  • Will the refurbishment involve party wall matters, how does the process work and what are the likely costs associated?
  • Will we need an architect to work on the project all the way through, or can we manage parts of the building work ourselves?

  • How much would it cost in architectural fees to finalise a set of drawings and submit for Planning permission and also produce technical drawings to obtain prices from a builder?
  • How do we get a list of things to do in correct sequence from the start of the project to the completion?
  • What is a rough estimate of how much the building work will cost?


    You will need to bear in mind that this is preliminary work - just sketching the rough layout of it for you, not accurate estimates. Exact figures cannot be known until the final decision has been made and the detailed design completed.